Course curriculum

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    Welcome and How to Navigate the Course

    • Welcome Video

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    AMA: The What Why and How

    • Ama: The What, When and Why of Toxins

    • Let's Talk Toxins

    • Improving Appetite and Digestion with Spices

    • Do You Have Ama Worksheet for Printing

  • 3

    Agni: Know Your Digestive Fire

    • Know Your Agni

    • Agni: The Four Types of Digestive Fire

    • Know Your Agni Worksheet for Printing

  • 4

    The Balance Your Agni 7-Day Program

    • Complete Manual and Recipes

    • Recipes Only, Print This Out for the Kitchen!

    • Meal Planner for Printing

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    Nice Work!

    • Pat on the Back!